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How Can You Serve Your Local Community?

Partner with Santa Fe Title Company as we team up with many of the local community involvement projects that are sure to bring any team closer – This is a great team building activity!!

Other ways you can contribute:

Always Plan Ahead

  • Identify and search out the needs in your local community by asking the important questions:
    • What are the topics people are talking about?
    • What topics or local groups have the most immediate needs?
    • What wishes do the members of your community have?
    • Find members within your company or community willing to help you in your efforts?
  • Propose, discuss, and organize your findings with your group and volunteers based on the sponsoring and community building efforts.
  • Make sure to advertise the event in any possible capacity. Use free avenues such as social media and don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth.