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Drive-Through Buyer Closings

We can send all the closing documents via email (or FedEx) and the clients will print them out at home.  If your printing at home is limited to letter-size only, please advise in advance.  Sign all the documents at home.  Please use blue ink and sign your names exactly as they are printed.

Schedule your drive-through between 9am and 4 pm (to allow for recording and staff availability).  Call when you arrive in the parking lot.   A closing officer will come to your car in the parking lot.  Then give us the completed package along with your drivers’ licenses.

We will take the package into the office, notarize as necessary, copy the licenses and deliver a copy package back out to your car in 5 – 10 minutes.

All other conversations can happen via phone or email.

What an adventure!!!  Thanks for being safe!